In which industries have you had experience?

Over the 50+ years of experience the managing partners have in the secured lending or commercial real estate industries, we have completed compliance and due diligence examinations in manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing, retailing and service oriented industries of many types requiring working capital or mortgage backed loans and investments.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee the following:

  • We will have your best interests in mind with every examination we do.
  • We will communicate with you prior to, during and after every asset based lending, floor planning or real estate examination to ensure that all due diligence needs have been addressed to your satisfaction.
  • We will keep all of your information as well as your client’s information confidential.
  • Our work will meet and exceed industry standards.
  • We will work as expeditiously as possible without sacrificing the high-quality standards we have promised you.
  • We will diligently research borrower information to give you peace of mind in monitoring your borrowing relationship.

What is your turnaround time?

We make extensive use of data analytics to conduct examinations in the most efficient and effective manner prior to and during an examination. Once we have all of the preliminary information to satisfy your due diligence needs, we strive to have a typical full scope recurring examination completed within one week.

What is a limited scope examination?

A limited scope examination is a compliance and collateral examination that is less extensive than a full scope commercial finance examination and may be specific to a particular asset or liability. In a limited scope examination we work with your risk management officer to develop agreed upon procedures to verify the internal controls and value of those particular assets and liabilities that are of concern.

Do you offer other services?

We can offer other services to help monitor your ongoing debtor relationships and in recovering value in the working capital, equipment and real estate collateral when you find that foreclosure efforts are necessary. Visit with us about your needs and we will do all we can to help.

Do you have geographical limitations?

No, although we are centrally located in the United States, based out of St. Louis, Missouri, we travel on a nationwide basis to service our clients.

How do you charge for your services?

Our charges are typically billed on a daily basis and depend on various factors, including:

  • The nature, complexity and timing of the services required and
  • Agreed upon expenses as deemed necessary