Compliance exam

Risk Management At Its Finest!

Compliance & Collateral Examination Services utilizes top-notch experience, sophisticated data analytics and a drive for excellence to deliver the kind of due diligence that assesses your lending risks and protects your secured loans.

Here’s how we do it for you!

You Get More Diligent Due Diligence

Whether your loans are Working Capital, Real Estate or Machinery credit facilities, we have the expertise to properly investigate, analyze and report the information you need to help complete your pre-funding, post-funding, or asset recovery due diligence.

You Work Directly with Our Managing Partners

You work directly with our Managing Partners – Martin and Stephan Depenthal – the people in charge. As a result, you get the full benefit of our in-depth experience as well as our complete attention. That’s consistency of service that larger firms can’t always provide. We’re organized to facilitate teamwork, too – one of us conducts data analytics and one of us conducts substantive compliance and collateral testing for every examination.

Our Specialized Software Saves You Money

Collateral examWe use specialized analytical software and knowledge to review information more quickly and efficiently. When possible, we perform our analytical review and initial sample selections before we visit your client, which gives us the opportunity to discuss matters of concern before we incur travel-related costs. That means we spend fewer days in the field, significantly lowering your costs.

Our Flexibility Fits Your Needs Like a Glove

We customize our work and work schedule to meet your specific needs. We offer full, limited or modified scope examinations to fit the needs of your risk due diligence requirements.

We Eliminate Surprises in the Process

We provide you with frequent progress reports to keep you up-to-date on our findings.

Our Pricing Makes Sense for Your Bottom Line

You only pay for the services you need when you need them. If you need additional audit capacity to complete a project requiring more manpower than you currently have, or if you need additional personnel due to staff vacancies, we can provide the services you need to continue your risk management operations without interruption.

We’re Close to Everywhere

We are centrally located in the United States, enabling us to easily reach your customers quickly and inexpensively.